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PLEXSYS Plexal Project Delivery System
PLEXISPEC Paperless Commissioning / inspection life-cycle management
PLEXIMUS Life Extension Planning and Obsolescence Management Tool

Plexal Project Delivery System
PLEXSYS is a highly accessible web-based application that can be used across multiple company and client offices. It streamlines project operations and controls for employees and contractors, and offers a high degree of project visibility to clients. It can handle multiple currencies, generate client and inter-office invoices, and process purchase orders and expense claims, all in the one integrated system.

It is comprised of four modules:

Project Controls: provides real-time project reporting, including: periodic status reports, “S” curve analysis, Progress v Cost, CTR Detail and Summary, Earned Value Analysis, and Cost Forecasting at various levels from CTR to Corporate. Authorised clients have access to real-time cost, schedule, and budget performance indicators for quick analysis of overall project status.

Timewriter: manages resource hours for every project, activity, classification, and day of week. Provides the facility for managers and clients to approve, reject and/or comment on booked hours. It can also track rate schedules as they change with time. Approved time is automatically sent to the Project Controls module for real-time status updates.

Cost Estimation: an evidence-based cost estimating tool that helps estimators to establish the likely cost of a project to a high level of certainty. It can predict the Deliverables, Labour, and Non-Labour elements of a project based on time-perfected Norms, which can then be manipulated by the estimator. The outcome is a fully valued project which can be passed straight to Project Controls for execution and transparent tracking.

Procurement: is a tool for generating material requirements and turning them into a Bill of Materials (BOM). The BOM can then be automatically converted into a Material Requisition for the client, or a Purchase Order for purchasing. It handles tracking and expediting, BOM change management, and preferred supplier lists. An automated email notification system lets users know of any required action so project delays can be avoided.

Paperless Commissioning / inspection life-cycle management
PLEXISPEC is an internet based paperless completions management system and ongoing life-cycle inspection tool. Its features deliver significant saving in greenfield / brownfield commissioning and ongoing life-cycle inspections e.g. Hazardous Area Inspections.

It is a hosted system with data security with no hardware or software costs and can integrate with any Maintenance Management System. The Inspector / Technician uses robust tablet PC that runs PLEXISPEC and auto synchronises when connected to the internet.

Key features are listed below:
  • Daily remote management
  • No clipboards, no duplicating info
  • No document control
  • Inspector able to access all required documentation on tablet
  • Fully customisable
  • GPS locator – no ‘local’ knowledge
  • HA rated RFID
  • Suitable on any modern web browser
  • Minimises on-site and off-site labour

Life Extension Planning and Obsolescence Management Tool
PLEXIMUS is a Life Extension Planning and Obsolescence Management tool. It is typically used across producing facilities and provides an unbiased and unemotional plan for ensuring the continued safe and reliable operation of our client's facilities.

It provides our clients with the confidence in knowing what, why and when they need to plan upgrades and equally importantly what upgrades or replacements can be deferred.

The reporting functions of PLEXIMUS allow our clients to see prioritised lists of upgrade activities, as well as time and cost estimates for upgrade activities. PLEXIMUS allows export of key data to develop Resource Histograms for Engineering, Installation and Commissioning. This is particularly relevant if there are Person on Board (POB) / accommodation constraints or safety restrictions on number of personnel during planned shutdowns.

It also has the facility to export upgrade activities, with estimated durations, into a project management package (Microsoft Project or similar), where they can be linked with interdependencies to produce an overall Master Plan.

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