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ISO9001:2008 Quality Management Systems

Prescriptive company wide processes and procedures for projects can impede the introduction of smarter ways to deliver outcomes. The effort to introduce change can lead to reluctance and lost opportunities to improve the business.

SPIE Plexal has developed its Operation Manual recognising that every project has requirements that differ within and across Clients. Differences can include:
  • Technical scope.
  • Implementation methods.
  • Client standards.
  • Client preferred work processes and procedures.
  • Contract terms and conditions.
In some instances, specific projects or internal one off activities may not warrant compliance to the Operations Manual. An example may be a small consulting project that only delivers a short report.

When determining the compliance requirements, the following questions are considered:
  • Client preference?
  • Risk to SPIE Plexal and Client if not compliant?
  • Total value of project?
  • Expected number of outputs?
  • Duration of project?
SPIE Plexal also has in place a series of internal company wide procedures and policies such as OHSE, Accounts, Payroll, Training, Business Improvement, Grievances, Internal Procurement, Document Control, Backups/DRP, Travel and Evacuation.

AS4801: Occupational, Health and Safety Management

SPIE Plexal treats HSE with equal importance to other business objectives. We identify and manage risk within the workplace and work practices, and aim to not only meet, but attempt to exceed the requirements of applicable laws, regulations and standards.

We empower and encourage our personnel to drive improvements in HSE performance, and we provide relevant HSE training where appropriate. We record, follow-up and learn from incidents, near misses and hazard identification.

Our HSE Management Plan has been developed and implemented based on the requirements of AS4801.

IEC 61508/61511: Functional Safety

SPIE Plexal offers full Functional Safety Life-cycle services. Any of our Engineering Services can be completed to AS 61508/61511.

We have a team of TUV Functional Safety Engineers and Exida Certified Functional Safety Engineers (CFSE) in our employ and extensive experience with the application of these standards to a variety of industries.

We offer a full range of services for functional safety which cover the entire safety life-cycle. These services include (but are not limited to); Functional Safety Management, Process Hazards Analysis (PHA) and Safety Objectives Analysis (SOA) facilitation, SIL assessments, SIF design and verification and independent Functional Safety Assessments. As well as our capabilities in the project phase of the life-cycle we also have extensive experience in the operational phase and can provide assistance with SIF proof test procedures and maintenance, SIF demand monitoring and Management of Change.

Industry Standards

SPIE Plexal continually updates its systems and processes and we are registered with Australian Standard Online for automated updates of standards applicable to the services we provide our Clients.

Our Perth Head Office management system meets industry and legislative requirements and is Quality Management Systems accredited to ISO9001:2008. All of our offices follow the same management system.

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