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First formed in 2002 as Plexal Group, we achieved our first 5 year business plan to grow to 60-80 people by 2007.

In 2003, the founders, Steve Jones and Len Bunn, conceived and implemented a strategic plan to redefine Plexal Group and create a model and environment that delivers top quartile projects for our Clients.

In 2006, the company continued to implement its plan by electing Dean Paton as our third director to the Board and giving him the responsibility of opening our office in Thailand.

In 2010, Dave Whitney led our expansion into Queensland as the General Manager, and in 2011, Craig Russell led our expansion into Bangladesh, first as the Construction Manager for a large Compressor Project and now as the Country Manager. Rob Roelofs joined us in 2013 from SPIE Controlec in the position of Executive Director of the Thailand Business Unit covering Thailand, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Vietnam.

In 2013, Plexal Group was acquired by SPIE Oil and Gas Services SAS and in October 2015 was rebranded as SPIE Plexal.

Our Clients have recognised these key differentiators and the additional value it brings to their business.

With an energetic and experienced leadership that embraces change and rewards success, SPIE Plexal is well positioned to be successful and product proud.

As an equal opportunity employer, SPIE Plexal provides an environment to earn the reputation of being the preferred place of employment.

Integrity and openness in front of and with our people is fundamental to maintaining this reputation. This style is coupled with understanding and concern for our people’s well-being.
SPIE Plexal
Head Office
Level 2, 140 St Georges Terrace
Perth, Western Australia 6000

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