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Our focus is your success. A key indicator is your company being highly satisfied with its investment in SPIE Plexal.

We work with you to understand your drivers. Armed with this knowledge, SPIE Plexal continually verifies that the best results are being delivered.

Results are provided within a time frame and cost that is appropriate for the project whilst meeting your business objectives.

Every person in SPIE Plexal is expected to work with you openly and honestly. These values are critical to us when building long term, successful relationships. We have multiple Master Service Agreements and have not lost one since our inception in 2002.

Protection of your people and assets, whilst preserving the environment, is integral to our approach.

The relationship with you must be profitable and enjoyable for both of us.
SPIE Plexal
Head Office
Level 2, 140 St Georges Terrace
Perth, Western Australia 6000

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